CaimanHunter has been rescuing caiman since 2002.  With well over 30 years of combined reptile experience, CaimanHunter has become the logical choice for people from around the country to find caring and knowledgeable herpetologists, for the giving and receiving of rescued caiman and the humane removal of problem caiman.
Not only has CaimanHunter been called the US' #1 authority of Specacled Caiman, but  on top of that, we do not charge for our service.
Our purpose includes educating the public to the importance of caiman as a keystone species, the role of caiman in an eco-system, creating an ecologically friendly home for all of our rescues, and to create an atmosphere conducive to educating K-12's and college 'herp' students. 
Rescues have been received, or removals have been effected, from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Anne Arundel Maryland Police Department, Williamson County Animal Control, Bayou Beasts and many other reputable and respectable organizations.
If there should ever be a time when you need to remove a problem caiman, we would be happy to provide that service. And we would be happy to take possession of any caiman that you need to house or re-home; ensuring that it is treated correctly, kept in a way that is optimum for its continued well-being and does not become a non-native species introduced to any local environments.
Caiman are considered the third most aggressive crocodilian species, behind the Nile Crocodile and the Saltwater Crocodile – and that’s probably due to it being 3 to 12 feet or more shorter than its meaner cousins. With that in mind, we know that you'd rather have us take care of that problem than ask your neighbor or roommate.
The majority of our rescues are nursed back to health and are re-homed.  The rest we keep for various health or safety reasons.
Along with rescuing, re-homing and removing caiman, for a very limited time we did a little captive breeding. This is a very rare occurrence and is not available at this time.  To keep abreast of what we have or when we have something, please check out our "For Sale" page on a regular basis.
CaimanHunter has been able to raise spectacled caiman in an eco-system that closely resembles an environment that they would be found in naturally.  Water temperature, diet, land-to-water ratio and all other optimum conditions are strictly adhered to.
For more information on rescues, donating, contacting us for any reason or learning more about your caiman, the links and pages on this site should be able to answer most of your questions.    
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Additionally, CaimanHunter would love to hear your caiman stories.  Send us your stories, videos and/or pictures.  We give credit where credit is due!  And please let us know how we can help you take care of any caiman problems or problem caiman!
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