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As much as it pains me, because of the state of the economy, finances the way they are, and funding - or the lack there of - I am sorry to have to say that all caiman activities are to be put on hold until further notice.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 


If you take a look and see something on this site that you are that interested in, please feel free to make us an offer. The worst that could happen is that we could laugh at you and say, "No!"

As the saying goes, "If the price is right, anything is for sale".


NOTE - We are in the process of building a new housing area for our rescues on a piece of land out in Williamson County.  We apologize, but at this time we cannot even accept "nuisance" caiman.  Once we are done with our building we will again accept rescues and make classes and educational tours available.  Please excuse our mess as we attempt to make better conditions.

To reiterate:  At this time we have no aimals available for re-homing.

Due to past experiences and circumstances that we have no control over, we will no longer be able to ship live animals.  If you are interested in the rescue or purchase of any animal or item on these pages you will need to come to Texas.  We may be able to meet you somewhere other than the Austin area, but be prepared to come pretty close to Central Texas to pick him, her or it up.

Disclaimer - It is your responsibility to find out the laws concerning owning spectacled caiman in your area. All of our caiman are spectacled caiman (caiman crocodilus).  We will not be responsible for any violations that you may make.  We will not be responsible for the legality or illegality of your ownership of any animals.   Additionally, we will not be responsible for health, injury or death during transport or once they leave our facility. We will not be responsible for your health and safety once you take possession of any of our animals.


It's been our experience that the usual mating season is around May or June.  Therefore, eggs are usually laid between August and September.  The hatchlings are then usually born between late October and mid-December.  The best time to check with us to get on the list for hatchlings is November.  It's at that time we usually know what kind of clutches we're looking at and can reasonably assure you of a newborn, when the time comes. And we will always keep this page updated.  So check back here often, and especially toward the middle to end of October.

NOTE:  At this time we have no available reptiles. 

We will update this page as things change.

Our Reasoning for Breeding

For a very limited time each year, CaimanHunter allowed a couple of our spectacled caiman to breed.  This was done to make hatchlings available for sale, to help offset the ever growing costs of healing, raising and keeping the animals that we've rescued.        

When animals are again available, the pick-up in Texas price is $250.00 each. After the problems we had with one of our receivers, we will no longer ship live animals.  We may travel a little, but be prepared to come to Texas.

To expedite the process, please read our Liability Waiver and our Care Sheets section before contacting us.

If you're still interested, write us.

Spectacled Caiman Resource Book - on sale through Amazon


We've been getting calls for t-shirts, so we figured we'd put a few together.  On the front is a small picture of Daisy with the web site name under her jaw; and on the back of the shirt is a picture of Daisy in the middle of the back and the words around her read, "If you see me running, try and keep up" with our web site URL directly below it.  Shirts are 19.95 each.  Contact us here if you're interested.


T-Shirt Front      T-Shirt Back




My new book about Caiman,
Spectacled Caiman: My Experience - Your Resource
is available on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

Let me add that I now have a book of short stories about my adventures through recovery,
Life Through the Blogs of a Recovering Addict
available on Amazon: here, & for Kindle.


And I'm pretty proud of the page Amazon dedicated to me.



How do you like your eggs?


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If you have problem caimans you want to get rid of, if they get too big for you to handle or information you'd like to share click here.*

Feeding and Growth Chart can be found here.

For Sales, Rescues or Adoptions of any of our reptiles, please view our Liability Waiver found here.

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